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CoventryChildren's Services Procedures Manual


September 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details

Common Assessment Framework

This chapter has been updated.


Section 4, Communication has been updated to include reference to parents with learning disabilities.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Procedure

This chapter has been updated.

Permanency Planning Tracking for Looked After Children

This chapter has been extensively updated and should be reread.

Transfer Protocol Between Area Teams and LAC, Permanency, Through Care Teams

This chapter has been updated.

Child in Need Plans and Reviews

This chapter has been updated by adding a new Section 4, Children in Need Moving to Another Authority - Principles. Information and communication is important between the respective local authorities to ensure appropriate services continue for the child and family and, where relevant, any risk of harm is recognised and identified with the receiving local authority. It should be noted that the responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the child lies with the local authority where the child is to be found.

Care and Supervision Proceedings and the Public Law Outline

This chapter has been updated to provide some emphasis on parents who lack capacity and added links to the President of the Family Division, Family Proceedings: Parents with a Learning Disability note, and a relevant link to working with parents who have a learning disability, (see Section 2, Pre-proceedings) and Practice Direction 3aa - Vulnerable Persons: Participation in Proceedings and Giving Evidence (see case management in Section 4, Documentation).

Children's Services Supervision Policy

This chapter has been updated.

Supervision Supplementary Policy

This chapter has been updated.

Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Child Victims of Trafficking and Modern Slavery

This chapter was substantially updated and replaces the previous chapter Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking children.

Family and Friends Care Policy

This chapter was last reviewed in July 2018

This chapter was last updated in July 2018

Permanence Planning Guidance

A link to the Coventry City Council’s Childrens Services Permanence Strategy has been added to this chapter.

Placements with Parents

This chapter has been updated to reflect that the DfE has confirmed that birth parents and other adults living in the household are not eligible for a standard or enhanced DBS checks (they can apply for a Basic DBS). However, the Local Authority has a requirement under the Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (England Regulations) 2010 to obtain information about unspent convictions and cautions before placing a child back with parents. (See Section 1.2, Assessment and Checks before Placement).

Social Worker Visits to Looked After Children

Section 2, Exceptions has been revised to set out more clearly the circumstances where visiting requirements differ from those set out in Section 1, Normal Frequency.

Leaving Care and Transition

This chapter has been extensively updated and should be reread.

Assessment and Approvals of Foster Carers

This chapter has been substantially updated and should be re read.

Inter Country Adoption

Section 8, Home Study has been updated to include a link to GOV.UK Benefits.

Applications for Special Guardianship Orders

Section 14, Financial Support and Section 15, Urgant Cases have been significantly updated.

Local Contacts

This chapter has been updated.

New Chapters
Chapter Name Details

Deprivation of Liberty

A link has been added to the manual

Mental Capacity

A link has been added to the manual

Removed Chapters
  • Homeless 16 and 17 year olds - Protocol Between CLYP and Housing Options;
  • Referral/Assessment Pathway and Services;
  • Adoption Children's Guide - Our Story ( website).
Next Update: March 2019


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