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The Document Library contains templates and documents which can be accessed, printed and downloaded in an unaltered form for the purpose of conducting procedures contained in this manual.


In order to access a template/document, click on the category you require, scroll to the form and click on it, then save a copy of the form on your PC/laptop and complete it as normal.

CAPTION: All children
All Children
Policy Values and Principles
Title: When Inserted:
Protocol between Children's Services and Coventry Youth Offending Service (YOS)
Delegated Scheme of Responsibility May 2020
Section 17 Policy May 2020
CAF and Thresholds for Children's Social Care Services
Title: When Inserted:
Children's Social Care - Assessment and Planning
Title: When Inserted:
Child Sexual Exploitation - Sample Plan
Child Sexual Exploitation - Complex Abuse Strategy Meetings
Child Sexual Exploitation - Risk Assessment Tool
Child Sexual Exploitation - Screening Tool
Multi Agency Sexual Exploitation Meeting (MASE) Agenda Template
Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Leaflet for Professionals
Return Home Interview Form - Young People Missing from Home or Care
Lead Professional Family Support Budget Application Request form - Early Help
Pre-Birth Flow Chart
MASH Signs of Safety Flow Chart
Potential Signs & Indicators of Sexual Abuse/Sexually Abusive Behaviour June 2020
Court Proceedings
Title: When Inserted:
Pre Proceedings & Legal Letter Templates
Initial Social Worker Statement for Single Child
Final Social Worker Statement for Single Child
Initial Social Worker Statement for 2 or more Children
Final Social Worker Statement for 2 or more Children
Admission to Care form
Checklist of Documents
Guidance on Completing the Checklist of Documents
Care Plan template
Revocation of Placement Order - proforma
Letter Before Proceedings - Example 1
Letter Before Proceedings - Example 2
Statement for discharge of Care Order
Pre Proceedings planning checklist
New Admissions Panel Form - August 2019
Section 7 Report Template
Section 37 Report 2019
Guidance on completing s7 and s37 reports - August 2010
Accelerated Discharge of Care Orders - Oct 2014
Revised Panel Arrangements - LAC Permanency March 2020
Booking form for Legal Planning and New Admissions Panel - March 2020
Complaints and Whistleblowing
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: Case management
Case Management and Recording
Title: When Inserted:
Coventry Transfer Policy between Area Teams and Looked After Chidren, Permanency and Through Care Teams
Case Transfer Checklist
Emergency Duty Team (EDT) 3 Notification Guidance
Step up Step down procedure
Private Fostering Process Map
Blank Chronology for Early Help Staff only
Strategy Discussions Flow Chart May 2020
Recording Guidance June 2020
Recording Guidance - Early Help May 2020
CAPTION: Prevention and family
Prevention and Family Support
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: Children in particular
Children in Particular Circumstances
Children with Disabilities
Title: When Inserted:
Short Breaks Request form - Level 1, 2 & 3 (CAF Arena)
Short Breaks Request form - Level 3 & 4
Children from Abroad
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: Looked after
Looked After Children
Decision to Look After and Care Planning
Title: When Inserted:
Section 20 Voluntary Accomodation Agreement May 2020
Regulation 24 Care Planning, Placement & Case Review Template
Placement of a child (in care) subject to an order with parent (Schedule 3)
Permanence Strategy - July 2018
Monitoring and Reviews
Title: When Inserted:
Contact and Overnight Stays
Title: When Inserted:
Supervised Contact - Community Risk Assessment March 2018
Supervised Contact - Referral and Risk Assessment November 2018
Education, School Trips and Holidays
Title: When Inserted:
Health and Wellbeing
Title: When Inserted:
LAC Medical Consent Form
Title: When Inserted:
Leaving Care and Transition
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: Youth offending
Youth Offending
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: Fostering local resources
Title: When Inserted:
Connected Persons Expression of Interest Letter
Viability Assessment Template
Schedule 4 Template
Delegated Authority for Foster Carers
Placement Plan
Team Around the Child - Meeting Agenda
Viability Assessment Workflow
British Association of Fostering & Adoption (BAAF) Adult Health Report - Guidance for Applicants
Briefing Note - Changes to the Special Guardianship Order (SGO) Connected Persons Viability Assessment Process
Legal Scheduler
Medical Consent Form
Long-Term Fostering Matching Report Fostering Panel
Report for Approval of a Placement (Reg 22C Care Planning, Placement and Review Regulations)
Foster Carer's Charter & Support Strategy
Long-term Fostering Matching Report
Foster Carers Escalation Policy - July 2018
Foster Carers Set Up Finance Form Guidance
Foster Carer Payment Set Up Finance Form
Foster Carer Payment Set-up Process Maps
Fostering Placement Troubleshooting Guidance
Coventry Fostering Service Smoking Policy
Social Media Policy CCC
Connected Persons Fostering Payments
CAPTION: Adoption local resources
Title: When Inserted:
Foster for Adoption Leaflet (Adopters)
Foster for Adoption Leaflet (Staff)
Foster for Adoption - Good Practice Guide
Adoption Medical Request form May 2020
British Association for Fostering & Adoption (BAAF) Consent form May 2020
British Association for Fostering & Adoption (BAAF) Form PH - Report on Health of Birth Parents May 2020
Form 8 - Physical Description of Birth Parents May 2020
Form M - Obstetric Report on Mother May 2020
Form B - Neonatal Report May 2020
Adoption Decision Maker (ADM) process
Adoption Placement Record (APR)
Adopt for Coventry Leaflet
Title: When Inserted:
Liquidlogic Children's System - Case Files Audit Tool Guidance
Protocol New User Request
Protocol End or Amend User Request
Rollback Policy
Dealing with Subject Access Requests on Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS)
The Information Governance Handbook
Attaching Documents in Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS)
Basic Children in Need (CIN) Process within Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS)
Basic Child Protection Process within Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS)
Converting jpeg files to pdf for uploading to Liquidlgic Children's System (LCS)
Document Categories within Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS)
Management Oversight on Child Looked After Reviews
Recording a National Referral Mechanism (NRM) on Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS)
Address types and their use within Liquidlogic Children's System (LCS) and Early Help Management System
Children's Services Mobile Guidance - September 2017
Children's Services Mitel & Voicemail Guidance
Children's Services Calendar Access and Private Appointments Guidance
Guidance on Completing the Friend and Family Referral form on LCS
EHM Guidance for adding key agency information note
LCS New User Form
CAPTION: Menu of Services
Menu of Services
Title: When Inserted:
Menu of Services List V11 July 2019
Barnardo's IV Referral Form
Multi Systemic Referral & Crisis Intervention Referral Form
Streetwise One-to-One Referral Form
Streetwise Group Referral Form
Streetwise Parent Carer Group Referral Form
Streetwise Young Males Referral Form
Life Long links Referral form
Postive Parenting Referral form
Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme-My Time
FGC - Referral Form
Closure Form for GP Practices S17 and 47
Relate - WISH Project Leaflet
Relate - WISH Referral Form
Relate - WISH Referral Guidance Process Information
Support Charities for Families February 2020
CAPTION: Good practice exemplars
Good Practice Exemplars
Title: When Inserted:
Case File Audit - Good Practice Exemplar 1
Direct work with Children and Young People - Good Practice Exemplar
CAPTION: Practice standards
Practice Standards
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: Guidance and toolkits
Guidance and Toolkits
Title: When Inserted:
Quality Assurance & Continuous Improvement Framework 2016
How to Write a Later in Life Letter
Chronologies Practice Guidance
Attachment Theory - Good Practice Guide
Voice of the Child - Good Practice Guide
Direct work with Children and Young People - Good Practice Guide
Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaires (SDQ's) - Good Practice Guide
Children's Services Locations and Telephone Numbers
Record Keeping - Practice Guidance
Foster to Adopt - Good Practice Guide
Child Sexual Exploitation - Good Practice Guide
Domestic Abuse Tool - Good Practice Guidance
Private Fostering Arrangements - Good Practice Guidance February 2018
Statements of What Good Looks Like (Ofsted)
How to work effectively with Interpreters
Interpretation Leaflet
Guidance for Early Help workers accessing LCS
Children's Services Practice Standards - June 2018
Guidance for Family Hub Duty Workers
Practice Guidance Pre-proceedings and Care Proceedings
Recording Guidance
Practice Guidance Strategy Discussions Meeting January 2019
The Childs Journey Guide January 2019
CAPTION: Flowcharts local resources
Title: When Inserted:
EHCP Flowchart - Social Car Guidance - Advice Template
Strategy Discussions Flow Chart May 2020
MASH Signs of Safety Flow Chart