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CoventryChildren's Services Procedures Manual

Electronic Recording of Meetings

This chapter was added to the manual in September 2016.

While all parties to child protection/safeguarding meetings and discussions (including parents and carers) are entitled to keep appropriate written records of their own, no participants have the right to make audio or video recordings of such meetings and discussions without having sought prior permission in a timely way. Where the making of an audio or video record of a child protection/safeguarding meeting is proposed then this request should be considered by a local authority senior manager who should consult participating agency managers and others as required, in the light of up-to-date local policy and legal advice.

In considering the request by any party, it should be ensured that agreeing to such a request will not impact on the quality of the information-sharing and discussion, or compromise the decision-making with regard to the safeguarding of the child.

The audio or video recording must not be distributed further than the participants in the meeting as to make it available for example on the internet would breach the confidentiality of the child and the Data Protection Act 1998.